Shuttle Schedule & Stops

Shuttle System Details 

  • Google Map for Waipā Park & Ride   GPS coordinates:  22.201069, -159.510416
  • Shuttles run 6:20a to 6:40p every 20 minutes from Waipā Park & Ride to Hā‘ena State Park.  
  • You are guaranteed seating at your reserved departure time.  See Info Page for guidance to ride standby.
  • MUST CHECK-IN at Waipā Park & Ride. See Info Page to request check-in / boarding elsewhere.  Ask for guidance when you check-in if you plan to get off/on at multiple stops during your ride.
  • Carefully review Info Page to ensure awareness of policies and safety/trail warnings.
  • NO Princeville shuttle (Hanalei Hill landslide repairs phase 2 begins late 2023).  

Shuttle Stop Route Map  

*Total travel time for entire route is 30 minutes each way.


6:20a – 6:40p: Shuttles run every 20 minutes daily.

6:40p is LAST PARK PICK UP DAILY for summer.

How do I find the shuttle stop locations?

Google Map for Waipā Park & Ride   GPS coordinates:  22.201069, -159.510416


To visit Hā‘ena State Park (includes Kē‘ē Beach, Kalalau Trail to Hanakāpī‘ai Beach or Waterfall) or Hā‘ena Beach Park (Makua Lagoon / Tunnels Beach), purchase a shuttle reservation which includes Hā‘ena State Park entry. If you already have a Kalalau overnight camping permit, review the camping section on our Info page first.


If you are a resident of the State of Hawaii with a valid ID you may ride the shuttle for free in two ways: from Hā‘ena towards Waipā in the morning from 7:00 am – 12:00 noon, or from Waipā towards Hā‘ena in the afternoon from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  Seating is first-come first-serve, space permitting.

The “Waipā” loop runs from the Waipā Park & Ride to Hā‘ena State Park and back to Waipā. The list of stops starting at Waipā is as follows: Waipā Park & Ride, Wainiha Store, Hanalei Colony Resort, Hā‘ena Beach Park, Limahuli Garden, Hā‘ena State Park (including Kē‘ē Beach and Kalalau Trail).

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