Shuttle Schedule & Stops


Shuttle service daily from Waipā to Hā‘ena State Park (route below)

  • NO Princeville shuttle (Hanalei Hill landslide repairs phase 2 in spring/2022).
  • All shuttle riders must check in and initially board at Waipā Park & Ride at your reserved departure time.
  • Shuttles depart Waipā every 30 minutes 6:30a – 11:30a daily.
  • Shuttles depart Hā‘ena State Park every 30 minutes 7:00a – Noon daily, and from 2:00p – 5:30p on no set schedule (buses depart as they fill up, first come, first seated).
  • Schedule below.  The shuttle stops at both Hā‘ena State Park (Ke’e / Kalalau) and Hā‘ena Beach Park (Makua / Tunnels).
  • Google Map for Waipā Park & Ride   GPS coordinates:  22.201069, -159.510416
Shuttle Stop Route Map SHUTTLE SCHEDULE for July 11 – August 14

How do I find the shuttle stop locations?

Google Map for Waipā Park & Ride   GPS coordinates:  22.201069, -159.510416


If you are a visitor traveling by shuttle to Hā‘ena State Park (which includes Kē‘ē Beach area, Kalalau Trail, Hanakāpī‘ai Beach and Hanakāpī‘ai Trail) or Hā‘ena Beach Park (Makua Lagoon / Tunnels Beach) then you will need to purchase a round-trip Reservation ticket which will also serve as your official entry ticket to Hā‘ena State Park. If you are a overnight backpacker / camper with a Kalalau overnight camping permit please review our special camping section on our FAQ page for details and suggestions.


If you are a resident of the State of Hawaii with a valid ID you may ride the shuttle for free in two ways: from Hā‘ena towards Waipā in the morning from 7:00 am – 12:00 noon, or from Waipā towards Hā‘ena in the afternoon from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  Seating is first-come first-serve, seating space permitting.

The “Waipā” loop runs from the Waipā Farmer Market Park & Ride to Hā‘ena State Park and back to Waipā Farmer Market. It stops at Limahuli Gardens while eastbound only.  The list of stops starting at Waipā Farmer Market is as follows: Waipā Farmer Market, Wainiha Store, Hanalei Colony Resort, Hā‘ena State Park (including Kē‘ē Beach and Kalalau Trail), Limahuli Gardens and Preserve, Hanalei Colony Resort, Wainiha Store, Waipā Farmer Market.

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