Shuttle Schedule & Stops

Shuttle System Highlights

  • Map for Waipā Park & Ride   GPS:  22.201069, -159.510416
  • 6:20a – 6:40p: shuttles run every 20 minutes daily (route below).  *Effective 10/1: LAST state park shuttle will be 5:40p. 
  • MUST CHECK-IN at Waipā Park & Ride. See Info Page to request check-in / boarding elsewhere.  
  • Carefully review Info Page to ensure awareness of policies and safety/trail warnings.
  • You are guaranteed a seat at your reserved departure time.  See Info Page to ride standby.
  • Ask for guidance when you check-in if you plan to get off/on at multiple stops during your ride.
  • NO Princeville route at this time (Hanalei Hill phase 2 roadwork begins late 2023).

Shuttle Stop Route Map  

*Total travel time for entire route is 30 minutes each way.


6:20a – 6:40p:  shuttles run every 20 minutes daily.

*Effective 10/1/2023: LAST shuttle pick-up at state park will be 5:40p.

How do I ride?


VISITORS make advance reservations.  Shuttle service to Hā‘ena State Park (Kē‘ē Beach, Kalalau Trail) and Hā‘ena Beach Park (Makua Beach aka Tunnels).  Shuttle reservation includes Hā‘ena State Park entry.  Carefully review our Info Page for tips and guidance.

Kalalau Trail camping permit holders see Info Page for special considerations and links. 

RESIDENTS ride FREE on counter flow:
MORNINGS:      heading EASHā‘ena to Waipā.
AFTERNOONS:  heading WEST Waipā to Hā‘ena.
*Ask attendant or driver about Hanalei service.

Waipā route stops starting at Waipā are: Waipā Park & Ride, Wainiha Store, Hanalei Colony Resort, Hā‘ena Beach Park, Limahuli Garden, Hā‘ena State Park.

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