Overnight Parking

For Campers Going to Kalalau

May only be purchased by Kalalau Trail camping permit holders (NO other camping permits are accepted, see below).  Users will be charged for the number of days your vehicle occupies the lot (e.g. a 1-night stay requires paying for 2-days, a 4-night stay will require paying for 5-days, etc.) and your date range selected MUST correspond with your Overnight Camping Permit nights.

*Camping permits for Miloliʻi or any other location except Kalalau Trail do NOT include access to Hā‘ena State Park or Kalalau Trail.  Access to Miloliʻi is by OCEAN ONLY, not hiking.  Please contact Hawaii State Parks if you need help with your camping permit.

State parks allows purchase of camping permits 90 days prior.  While day-use GoHaena reservations are released at 30 days prior, you may reserve overnight parking after purchase of your camping permit.

NOTE:  Hawaii residents with either a HI driver license or state ID who purchase a camping permit from state parks may park for free and do not need overnight parking reservations. 

If you need transportation to the park, please see our Info/FAQ page for more details on our shuttle and Kauai Bus.

How to Book Overnight Parking

Get Camping Permit

You must first book permits on the DLNR site in order to purchase overnight parking reservations.

Reserve Overnight Parking

The system will prompt you to enter your camping permit #.  Note that only Kalalau Trail permits are accepted for overnight parking use.

Plan Your Camping Trip

Check out the camping section of our Info/FAQ page for helpful links.

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Overnight Availability

Select Overnight Parking Dates | Min 2 Days | Max 6 Days

Camping Permit Number


Overnight Parking

Parking Start: July 3, 2021

Parking End: July 6, 2021

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Overnight Parking

Parking Start: July 3, 2021

Parking End: July 6, 2021

Arrival Date: July 7, 2021


$XX total cost

$XX GE Tax


Valid ID required and MUST match passes

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Port of Galveston Instructions 409-744-5466

We ask that all passengers have CELL phones ON as soon as possible. If you do not have a cell phone find someone with one and use theirs.

On cruise days our 7:30AM and 9:30AM shuttles from Galveston will almost certainly leave the cruise terminal 30 minutes behind schedule.

We suggest our 7:30 passengers not book a flight out of HOU earlier than 11AM and IAH 12PM

We suggest our 9:30 passengers not book a flight out of HOU earlier than 12PM and IAH 1PM.

Terminal 1 - At terminal one you will meet your driver between G and H in the commercial parking zone.

Terminal 2 - At terminal two your driver will be all the way to the RIGHT in the commercial parking zone, spot 41 or 42.

In the event you do not make your shuttle, you can take the next shuttle provided there is room

Airport Instructions

HOU - At HOU you will meet your driver at curb Zone 4

IAH - At IAH there are several terminals instructions listed below.

Terminal A - Door A-114 or A-115

Terminal B - Door 103 B

Terminal C - Door 104 C

Terminal E - Door E 101 all the way to the right under the SGT sign

Terms of Service

Shared Shuttle - A Van, Shuttle Bus, or Motor Coach carrying other passengers with multiple stops.

Airport Pickup - Your driver will meet you at the airport at the regularly scheduled time. See Schedule.

Rating - Economy / Driver dressed in a uniform, but not a suit.

Cruise Terminal PickupMultiple shuttles will be waiting at the cruise terminal and will proceed to the airport when loaded. Variations from the schedule may occur.

Baggage allowances - 2 suitcases- 62" (length+height+width) each & 1 carry on. Excess baggage fees:$10.00 per bag , each way.

Payment - A valid credit card is required and will be charged in advance of your pickup. 50% of your reservation total is Non-Refundable.

Cancellations - Cancellations must be made 5 days prior to your pickup date. To make a cancellation call during normal business hours 8:AM-5:PM 1-409-744-5466 or email at galvestonlimo@gmail.com

Disclosure - Galveston Limousine assumes no responsibility for missed transfers due to airline flight delays or for missed flights due to late cruise ship debarkation, traffic or any unforeseen problem.

Tipping - 15% tip is recommended

Review & Pay


Overnight Parking

Parking Start: July 3, 2021

Parking End: July 6, 2021

Arrival Date: July 7, 2021


$XX total cost

$XX GE Tax

Primary Contact

Phone: 808-123-4566


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