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Read all information below before you reserve or email.  Parking/entry sales are final. *Shuttle policies below.  


Park closure and/or shuttle disruption/suspension will be posted here when needed. 

JAN/2022: Anticipate roadwork delays on your way north! See PLAN YOUR VISIT section for highway updates.

How to Go Hā'ena!

1. Respect and follow guidance of park rules, our staff and Hā‘ena community.  
2. Only park vehicles at Hā‘ena State Park or Waipā Park & Ride and exit before your timeslot end time.
3. Comply with posted signs at nearby destinations including highway no-parking zones to avoid fines/towing.

Visiting Hā'ena State Park

All park visitors without Hawaii driver license or state ID must reserve in advance online (see next section).   *Camping permits for Kalalau trail include entry through the state park.  See camping section below.

Residents with Hawaii driver license or state ID may enter the park and park their vehicle for free, first-come first-serve, subject to capacity limits.  No time limit for resident parking up until dusk daily (or overnight with camping permit).  No other IDs or documentation are accepted for resident free entry.    Adult residents without accepted ID must purchase an advance online reservation (see next section).  Minors (under 18) are not required to have ID.

The park is open daily including holidays from 7:00a to 6:45p.  Parking lot opens 6:30a.

Reservation Options

No discounts of any kind are offered for any reservation option.  National or other state park passes are not accepted.  ADA info here.

All reservation options include entry to Hā’ena State Park, visiting Kē’ē Beach and day-hiking Kalalau Trail as far as Hanakāpī’ai Beach and Waterfall.  Hiking past Hanakāpī’ai valley or overnight camping anywhere on the trail requires permit (see camping section below) 

Dates open 30 days prior at 12:01 a.m. Hawaii time (1/31 opened on Jan 1,  2/1 on Jan 2, and 2/28 will open on Jan.29)Red X = sold out.  Green circle = availability.  All availability managed on website.  Parking and entry only reservations often sell out immediately. Cancellations are rare since refunds are not offered.  We do not waitlist, and cannot add availability or accept email reservations.    

No changes or refunds to parking or entry passes if trail or lagoon is closed.  State Park rangers and lifeguards decide closures based on visitor safety.  Weather can change rapidly.  Be prepared and flexible in your planning and items you bring. *Shuttles often suspend when trail is closed, and in that event, we cancel / refund shuttle tickets (only).  *See shuttle policies below.

Do not share or resell any tickets.  IDs checked at park entrance / shuttle boarding.  Attempts to share tickets with others will flag the pass scanning system and result in a voided ticket with NO refund, entry, shuttle ride or parking and termination of future reservation privileges.

There are 3 reservation options.  Please carefully review entire page for all policies.
1. Shuttle tickets are all sold roundtrip and are valid from departure time to 5:30p
2. Parking + Entry are by morning or afternoon timeslots, see below.  No re-entry after exiting park.

3. Entry only passes are good all day.

1.  Shuttle reservations offer the most availability, flexibility and easy access to other route stops. IMPORTANT: Shuttle ticket holders MUST ride the shuttle to gain park entry.  Park attendants will not allow shuttle ticket holders entry if arriving in other vehicles, walking, biking, dropped off, etc. $35 adults age 16+, $25 ages 4-15, ages under 3 free on lap. SHUTTLE section below for more info on reservation policies/changes and shuttle parking.  

2.  Parking + entry reservations sell out quickly.  Purchase multiple timeslots to stay longer.  Enter anytime after your timeslot begins but you MUST leave by the end time or your vehicle will be towed.  All ticketed passengers must arrive together in your vehicle for parking reservations to grant park entry (no multiple trips). Multiple vehicles must make separate reservations for each vehicle. $10/timeslot (plus $5 entry passes for everyone in the vehicle). 

Parking Timeslots:  *choose START time in reservation drop-down menu: 

  • Morning:    6:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • Afternoon:     12:30 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Evening:     4:30 pm – sunset
  • Overnight:  only available with overnight camping permit.  See camping section below first.
  • No changes/refunds for parking+entry reservations, even if you can’t use them, though we appreciate notice.

3. Entry Only reservations are good ALL DAY and sell out quickly.  Intended for visitors accompanying Hawaii residents or who are staying in Hā’ena and able to walk/bike to the Park. $5/person.  No changes/refunds, even if you can’t use them though we appreciate notice.

*** Caution  Parking at nearby destinations or on highway shoulder is prohibited. Vehicles in violation are subject to $200+ fine and/or towing. ***


TIP:   Do not resubmit, attempt to go back or navigate away from page while payment is processing.

TIP:   Issues during reservation most often caused by a poor cell signal or weak wifii.  Also try a different browser, device, and credit/debit card.

TIP:  Tickets are emailed with Order.pdf attached.  Check your spam folder and add to your “safe senders”.   

TIP:  Failed reservation attempts may result in multiple pending authorizations, but your credit/debit card will only be charged for a completed reservation. Pending authorizations with no reservation are released within 7 days and do not result in an actual charge.  If you see multiple actual charges, or receive multiple order emails, please email us with order #s and a screenshot of the charges that includes the transaction ID#.

CHECK ALL TICKETS for accuracy and email us right away if there’s an issue.  

Read ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE you contact us (see shuttle section below first).   Email for fastest response.  Email monitored daily from 7 a.m.  Need to speak with the Access System Manager? Leave a voicemail at 808-635-8370.  


DOWNLOAD TICKETS to your phone OR PRINT in advance.  *No cell service along route and at the park.

Driving from south/east shore? Roadwork delays are common all over Kauai. Sign up the week ahead for highway updates at: *scroll down for Kauai-only.

Hanalei Hill landslide update.  Emergency repairs now done and highway is open.  Hill work resumes spring/2022.  

PARK AND TRAIL STATUS links at State Parks  (also see camping section after shuttle information below).

     Hā‘ena State Park at DLNR State Parks:ā‘ena-state-park/  

    Hāʻena & Nāpali Coast Access:ā‘ena-napali-access/

     Kalalau Trail:

Shuttle and Waipā Park & Ride Information

Google Map for Waipā Park & Ride   GPS coordinates:  22.201069, -159.510416.  Day parking is free at Waipā until 6:00 pm for shuttle ticket holders (only).  NO overnight parking.  Check Schedule & Stops for shuttle route stops, map and times.

Shuttle ticket holders MUST ride the shuttle to gain park entry.  Park attendants will not allow shuttle ticket holders entry if arriving in other vehicles, walking, biking, dropped off, etc.

You are only guaranteed a seat at your reserved departure timeTo ride standby at a different time see “changing shuttle reservations” below.  All tickets are round-trip.  Your return ride is first-come, first serve at any shuttle stop.

We require initial boarding from Waipā Park & Ride.  All shuttle riders can get on and off any route stop after initial boarding/check-in.  Your return ride is first-come, first serve at any shuttle stop.  Staying near a route stop? Email proof of accommodations address, your reservation WS# and preferred stop for check-in 2 days BEFORE departure.  Requests are not confirmed until you receive approval.  

No walk-on or cash payments.  Reservations must be purchased online. You may use a smartphone to purchase tickets and use them immediately (tickets are emailed).  Cell service can be spotty, plan ahead.

DOWNLOAD TICKETS to your phone OR PRINT in advance.  *No cell service along route and at the park.

Small beach gear is ok (folding chairs, snorkel gear, umbrellas). NO large items such as surfboards, large coolers, etc. You may need to carry some items on your lap or by your feet.

Need transportation from other towns?  Kauai Bus has service to Hanalei.  See:  The closest Kauai Bus stop is about .6 miles from Waipā Park & Ride.  Walking map from bus stop to Waipā.

Changing shuttle reservations

IMPORTANT- No changes or refunds for parking or entry passes.  Shuttle reservations may not be converted to parking or entry-only reservations.

If you miss your departure or want to depart at a different time , you can try to ride standby with your Hop-On day pass, space permitting after boarding by all ticket holders for the current departure. Proceed to Waipa Park & Ride early and speak with the attendant.  As long as you ride the shuttle, your ticket grants you park entry for the date on the ticket.

We allow changes or refunds for cancellations for SHUTTLE reservations if received at least 5 days prior to departure date.  Reservations made within 5 days of departure may not be changed or refunded.  We do not refund unused or missed shuttle reservations.  To CHANGE OR CANCEL a SHUTTLE reservation at least 5 days prior to original departure date:

  1. Make a new reservation for your preferred date/time (if applicable).
  2. Email us right away at with the order # you wish to cancel (no images or attachments).  We will happily cancel and refund cancellations received at least 5 days prior to departure date.

If there is no availability for your preferred date/time, then the shuttle is sold out or isn’t yet available because it’s more than 30 days away.  We cannot add any availablity manually because every reservation is for an actual shuttle seat. *See info above on departing standby above.

If we cancel or suspend shuttle service, we will refund affected shuttle tickets.  If this happens and you wish to visit on another day, please book a new reservation in any available timeslot (we cannot move your cancelled reservation).


There is NO overnight camping in Hā‘ena State Park or the parking lot.  State Parks does allow overnight camping on Kalalau Trail, with purchase of permit.  Kalalau camping permits INCLUDE entry to Hā‘ena State ParkYour camping permit must list all individuals in your party, IDs are checked at park entrance.  Purchase Kalalau Camping Permits HERE.

OVERNIGHT PARKING is available at Hā‘ena State Park ONLY for Kalalau Trail Camping Permit holdersPermits for Miloliʻi not accepted for overnight parking.  Reservations open 30 days prior.  Book overnight parking for all nights of your stay (do not purchase additional day parking).  Proceed to our dedicated page at:  *Hawaii residents are required to purchase camping permits from state parks, but can park overnight for free upon presentation of camping permit and Hawaii driver license or state ID at entrance.  

Getting dropped off?  The parking lot and park open at 6:30 a.m.  Show your permit and ID at entrance.

Need shuttle transportation?  Note that there is only day parking allowed at Waipā Park & Ride.  Vehicles left overnight at Waipa may be towed.  Kauai Bus services Hanalei, see shuttle section for bus info.

Shuttle tickets are only sold roundtrip and with included park entry.  There is no discount for campers only needing one way transportation, or who already have park entry through a state issued camping permit.  

Campers riding the shuttle are encouraged to reserve earliest possible shuttle times.  Shuttles have limited storage space. Backpacks may need to sit on your lap.

Campers use Hop-On pass for return ride from the park.  The system only allows single-day reservations. You will receive an included Hop-On Pass for each reservation ticket, please keep the Hop-On Pass and only use it for your return trip on whatever day you are done camping. Be sure you do not use your Hop-On pass prior to your return day as the first use of the pass will activate the 24 hour duration clock.  With the Hop-On Pass and camping permit, you may take any shuttle from Hā‘ena State Park on any dates noted in your camping permit.  We only have service to Waipa at this time. 

Relevant State Parks links.  Including Kalalau hiking and overnight camping permits:

    Hā‘ena State Park at DLNR State Parks:ā‘ena-state-park/  

    Hāʻena & Nāpali Coast Access:ā‘ena-napali-access/

    Kalalau Trail:

   Kalalau Overnight Camping Permits CLICK HERE

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hawaii residents need to make a reservation to visit Hāʻena State Park? No. Residents with valid Hawaiʻi driver license or state ID do not need to make reservations to enter or park at Hāʻena State Park. There are a limited number of spaces for residents managed on a “first-come, first-served” basis. While we make every effort to accommodate resident use, there is no guarantee there will be parking spots available upon your arrival.

Do I need a reservation to visit Hāʻena Sate Park? If you do not have a State of Hawaii driver license or state ID, you will need an ADVANCE paid reservation made online.  All 3 types of entry include access to Ke‘e Beach lagoon and day hiking on Kalalau Trail as far as Hanakāpī’ai Beach and/or Hanakāpī’ai Waterfall. Hiking further or overnight camping requires permit (see camping).

Shuttle + Entry  includes roundtrip transportation from Waipa Park and Ride, along with entry.

Parking + Entry  includes parking for the timeslot(s) selected, plus entry for number of riders selected.

Entry Only intended for nonresidents riding in resident vehicles or who walk/bike to the park.

*PARKING:  Purchase multiple timeslots to stay longer.

Can I make reservations upon arrival at the Park? No. Reservations must be made online in advance prior to arrival. *Cell service is not available at the park.

Do non-residents need a reservation to visit the park with a Hawaii resident with valid state ID? YES. All park visitors who do not have valid Hawaii ID, still need to have a valid Park Entry Reservation even if they are with a Hawaii resident with ID. Purchase Park Entry Only reservations for all passengers in your vehicle without ID.  All residents must have their Hawaii driver license or state ID to gain free entry to the park. 

I’ve booked the wrong date or time, or the road, beach, or trail were closed, can I change or be refunded? Unfortunately, parking and entry reservation dates and times cannot be changed once your purchase has been processed. All sales are FINAL. No refunds; no exceptions for parking or park entry reservations. *We allow date/time changes to Shuttle reservations when done well in advance as detailed earlier in this FAQ.

I purchased an Entry Only ticket; where do I park? There are no parking options available at Hāʻena State Park without a Parking voucher. The preferred use of Entry Only and form of transportation with an Entry pass is carpooling with a family / friend resident with State Issued ID. 

There are no more parking reservations, can I just park along the side of the road? Parking at other nearby destinations or along the highway shoulder is prohibited, and vehicles found in violation are subject to $200+ fine and/or towing.

If we purchased a morning parking pass, do we need to purchase an afternoon timeslot to stay all day? Yes, multiple time slots can be purchased to stay at the Park for an extended period.

My reserved parking timeslot is 6:30am – 12:30pm. Does that mean I have to leave the Park by 12:30? Yes, you can enter anytime within your reservation time slot but must leave the Park when your reservation ends.

I booked a morning parking pass and I’m hiking to Hanakapi’ai Falls. Do I have to be back by 12:30pm? Yes, the time periods listed on your reservation ticket must be followed to allow other visitors to make their reservation. We recommend booking both morning and afternoon timeslots when hiking to Hanakapi’ai Falls.

I have a Kalalau Trail camping permit. Do I need a reservation for Hāʻena State Park? NO. Valid overnight Kalalau permits allow for the entrance/transiting of Hāʻena State Park. However, if you wish to park your car in the Hāʻena State Park lot while camping, you will need to reserve overnight parking through

I have a Kalalau Trail camping permit. Can I leave my car overnight in the parking lot? Yes, Overnight parking is available at Hāʻena State Park for those with Kalalau Trail Camping Permits. Purchase Overnight Parking through AFTER you obtain your camping permit from State Parks.

Note: Overnight parking spots are available up to 30 days in advance. Users will be charged for the number of days your vehicle occupies the lot (e.g. a 1-night stay requires paying for 2-days, a 4-night stay will require paying for 5-days, etc.)

How do I obtain a camping permit for overnight hiking on the Kalalau Trail? See our camping section above for helpful links to state parks trail and permits.

Mahalo! We hope you enjoy your visit to Hāʻena State Park! For further assistance and best response, please email and provide your order number if available.

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