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Read entire page to ensure awareness of all policies prior to purchase.

Safety/trail warnings in “Plan Your Visit” section below.



Check website 7-8a daily for NEW availability arising from cancellations.


Check here for shuttle disruption / trail closure.  No update = shuttles running, park is open.


Current Conditions for weather / trail / ocean and community connections. 

How to Go Hā'ena


Our community is privileged to manage the state park’s access. We ask for your respect and compliance with rules which have resolved unsafe/poor experiences and impacts of overuse on our natural resources, cultural spaces and roads.  Find out more: About UsMahalo!

Review prior to emailing or purchase  *Camping details also below.
Reservations:   who must reserve, options, tips, cancel/change.
Plan Your Visit:   helpful tips and safety warnings.
Shuttle / Waipā Park & Ride:   policies, map, other details.

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Visiting Hā'ena State Park

If you do not have a Hawaii driver license or state ID, you must reserve in advance online to visit the park or HIKE.   

Residents with Hawaii driver license or state ID may enter the park and park their vehicle for free, first-come first-serve.  No time limit up until dusk daily (or overnight with camping permit).  No other IDs or documentation are accepted for free entry.    Anyone without accepted ID must purchase a reservation (see next section).  Minors (under 18) are not required to have ID.

The park is open daily including holidays 7:00a to 6:45pParking lot opens 6:30a. 

Shuttles run DAILY 6:20a to 5:40p (last park pick up, winter schedule). 

State park rules prohibit all commercial activity including tours, sales, services.

Reservation Options

We do not waitlist or accept email reservationsCheck 7-8a for NEW availability from cancellations.  

All options include entry to Hā’ena State Park, visiting Kē’ē Beach and hiking to Hanakāpī’ai Beach and Waterfall.  Hiking past Hanakāpī’ai valley along the coastal Kalalau Trail requires camping permit (see camping below) Read safety/trail warnings below prior to purchase.

Dates open 30 days prior at 12a HST (2/29 opens Jan 30, 3/1 opens Jan 31). Green circle = Available. Red X = NOT available.  Parking / entry reservations sell out immediately. We do not waitlist or accept email reservationsCheck 7-8a for NEW availability from cancellations. 

Do not share or resell reservations.  Adult IDs checked.  Transferring to others will flag the system and result in NO refund and NO entry.  Children under 18 do not need ID but must be on the reservation (except ages 0-3 are FREE).

RESERVATION OPTIONS    *All include park entry/hiking as describe above.
10% cancel fee for all cancellations.

1. Shuttle + entry:    Best availability and includes parking.  Read “shuttle” section below.
2. Parking + entry:     State Park parking lot.  LIMITED spaces sell out immediately.
3. Entry only:  only if not parking a vehicleParking outside the park violates terms of purchase.

1. Shuttle reservations sold ROUNDTRIP. $40 ages 16+, $25 ages 4-15, ages 0-3 free on lap. IMPORTANT: Shuttle ticket holders MUST ride shuttle. Your shuttle reservation only includes park entry if on the shuttle.  Read SHUTTLE section below to ensure awareness of policies prior to purchase.

2.  Parking + entry reservations sell out by 12:01a.  $10/timeslot (plus $5 entry/person). Purchase multiple timeslots to stay longer. Enter the state park’s parking lot anytime after timeslot begins but you MUST leave by timeslot end.  All visitors named on reservation must arrive together in one vehicle (no multiple trips). Make a separate reservation for each vehicle. Parking Timeslots:  *choose START time in reservation drop-down menu: 

  • Morning:     6:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • Afternoon:  12:30 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Evening:      4:30 pm – sunset.

3. Entry Only ($5/person)For resident guests and those who do not need to park a vehicle. ***Caution: State park visitors may not park outside the park.  Doing so violates our terms of purchase. Parking tickets are $200+ and cars can be towed from nearby destinations.

NO discounts of any kind are offered for any reservation option.  National or other state passes not accepted.  ADA info here.  

Mahalo! Shuttle riders help us to restore peace in Wainiha and Hā‘ena and fees support community projects and jobs (About Us)

Make Reservations

10% cancel fee for all cancellations  

TIP:  AFTERNOONS are a lovely time to visit the park! Shuttle ticket holders can ride standby in the afternoon.  See shuttle section below.  

TIP:  Can’t find availability for your whole party? Look for back to back departures and split your party into 2 reservations.

TIP:  Parking timeslots sell out immediately, but spaces not successfully reserved are re-released at 12:15a HST (and sometimes even later).  You can also check website 7-8a HST for NEW availability arising from cancellations.

TIP:  Failed purchase(s) may result in pending credit card authorization(s). We release authorizations immediately, but your bank may take longer.

TIP:  Purchase may not complete in “incognito” browser mode or with pop-up/privacy blockers enabled.

TIP:   Issues during reservation usually due to poor cell signal / weak wifi.  Also try a different device, browser, and credit/debit card. Do not resubmit or navigate away from page while payment is being processed.

TIP:  Check that your auto-complete doesn’t insert your own name into all the individual names for your party.

TIP:  Tickets emailed with PDF attached (check your spam folder).  CHECK PDF for accuracy and reply to email if you need corrections.  Download or print your PDF to have with you on your state park visit.  No cell service.

LARGE GROUPS:  Avoid disappointment and make several SHUTTLE reservations of 2-4 instead of 1 group reservation! Removing individuals requires cancellation and 10% fee for entire party’s reservation.   

We’ve packed our most helpful guidance on this page, so we ask that you please read ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE emailing (see “shuttle” and “plan your visit” sections below too). We do NOT waitlist or accept email reservations.  Check website 7-8a daily for NEW availability from cancellations. Email for fastest responseSystem Manager voicemail is 808-635-8370.

Change / Cancel Reservations

10% cancel fee for all cancellations.
Shuttle ticket holders can RIDE STANDBY at a different departure time, including all afternoon. Afternoons are lovely in the park!. Check-in with attendant at Waipā Park & Ride*Groups of 5+ may ride standby from 11a or later.    

We cannot make changes by email, except to make corrections so that visitor names match IDs. *Transfer of full reservation prohibited.  To CHANGE your DATE/TIME or to remove individuals, you must CANCEL your reservation (policy below) and PURCHASE a NEW RESERVATIONCheck website 7-8a HST for new availability arising from cancellations.

To CANCEL for automatic refund less 10% fee, reply to confirmation email or email WS# (see PDF) by NO LATER than 48 hours prior to reservation start time.  Cancellations requested less than 48 hours prior are nonrefundable. We do not refund unused or missed reservations for any reason including rain or closure of trail or beach.  *We fully refund shuttle reservations if service is suspended.

Plan Your Visit

Current Conditions  Afternoons are LOVELY in the park!  

Shuttles run DAILY 6:20a to 5:40p (last park pick up, winter schedule). 

Tips for a safer and more enjoyable visit.

Parking lot/shuttle drop-off is 0.4 miles walk to Kē’ē Beach & Kalalau Trailhead. All entry reservations include Hā’ena State Park, Kē’ē Beach and hikes to Hanakāpī’ai Beach / Waterfall.  Hiking past Hanakāpī’ai valley along coastal Kalalau Trail requires camping permit (camping below).


SAFETYBring extra waterExpect slippery / muddy conditions (wet rocks) year-round.  Fellow hikers warn do NOT hike with baby carriers.  Sandals / “flipflops” can lead to injury.  Do not cross stream if water is rushing or murky.  If stream levels rise, SHELTER IN PLACE until safe to cross.  No cell service and no hiker rescue due to high stream levels.  current conditions   clip: wave hits bystanders   Kalalau Trail safety video  


TRAIL: VERY DIFFICULT, especially for elderly/young due to constant steep ascent/descent which start right at trailhead. Hikes are 4 miles RT to beach (allow 4+hrs), 8 miles RT to falls (allow 8+hrs).  Waterfall hike has stream crossings, expect slow going (experienced hikers only).  Allow faster hikers to pass. No speakers/drones. Review Hawaii State Parks links below.   current conditions     PDF trail map / brochure

Note: Archaeological sites protected by law.  Do NOT pick up rocks, do NOT sit on or disassemble rock walls.


OCEAN:  Enter ocean only at Kē‘ē Beach. Year round, lifeguards close the beach if unsafe, lifeguard safety tips.  Use reef safe sunscreen. Do NOT approach animals or walk on reef.  current conditions    Hanakāpī’ai: wave hits bystanders

*No refunds for poor conditions or beach closure.  Expect rough ocean October to April.  


PREPARE: Check current conditions. Watch safety videos, read trail info. 

Bring: EXTRA WATER, covered shoes, HAT, sun/bug protection, extra clothes (variable weather).  


Be on time: Shuttles don’t wait (parking timeslots can’t be extended)  

DRIVING DELAYS:  Allow EXTRA time for roadwork. State highway alerts.


SHUTTLE:  Read entire shuttle section below to ensure awareness of all policies.  Ask attendant if you plan to visit stops outside of state park. Expect an extended wait between 2-4p leaving the state park.  Avoid the crowds and linger at the park!  Later shuttles are rarely crowded.  


Hawaii State Parks Links  

    Kalalau Trail safety video and  PDF trail map / brochure

    Hā‘ena State Park:ā‘ena-state-park/  

    Hāʻena & Nāpali Coast Access:ā‘ena-napali-access/

    Kalalau Trail:


Shuttle / Waipā Park & Ride

Shuttle reservations are ROUNDTRIP. $40 ages 16+, $25 ages 4-15, ages 0-3 free on lap. Return ride is first-come, first serve from any stop. 

Shuttle reservation holders:
1. MUST ride the shuttle: Park attendants will not accept shuttle tickets for entry if not on shuttle.
2. MUST check-in at Waipā Park & Ride (then you may get on or off at other route stops). 
3. Park FREE 6a – 6p daily at Waipā Park & Ride.  NO overnight parking and NO parking at other route stops.  GPS: 22.201069, -159.510416.

You are guaranteed a seat at your reserved departure time at Waipā Park & Ride or use your shuttle reservation to RIDE STANDBY at a different time, including all afternoon. Check-in with attendant at Waipā Park & Ride*Groups of 5+ may ride standby from 11a or later.  

See Schedule & Stops for route map.  Shuttles run every 20 minutes 6:20a (Waipā) to 5:40p (last pick-up at state park, winter schedule).  Expect extended wait times leaving state park between 2-4p.  Avoid the crowds and linger…Afternoons are lovely in the park!

Staying in Wainiha or Hā‘ena? 
Email us PROOF of accommodations address along with shuttle reservation WS# 2+ days prior for approval to board at a nearby stop.  You will need to walk to the route stop.  Shuttle riders may NOT park at any route stop except Waipā Park & Ride.

Small beach gear is ok (folding chairs, snorkel gear, umbrellas). NO large items such as surfboards, large coolers, etc. You may need to carry some items on your lap or by your feet.  No storage at park.  Do not leave belongings on shuttle.

Need transportation from other towns?  Kauai Bus has service to Hanalei.  Kauai Bus stop is 0.6 miles from Waipā Park & Ride.  Walking map.

Shuttles reduce cars and support community projects and jobs (About Us).  Mahalo for your support!


NOTE: Only Kalalau Trail camping permits include entry to Hā‘ena State Park or Kalalau Trail Camping permits for other locations do NOT.  Access to Miloli’i is via OCEAN only.  Contact Hawaii State Parks for camping permits (links below).

Kalalau Trail camping permits required to hike PAST Hanakāpī’ai Valley, even just for a day hike.  NO overnight camping in Hā‘ena State Park or the parking lot.  State Parks allows camping only at specific locations on Kalalau Trail, with permit.  Camping permit must list all hikers, IDs checked at park entrance.  Purchase Camping Permits up to 90 days in advance.  *Review safety warnings at State Parks website.

Limited OVERNIGHT PARKING available for Kalalau Trail Camping Permit holders.  Purchase parking for all days your vehicle will be in parking lot  Book overnight parking here. Do NOT park your vehicle outside of park, vehicles left overnight elsewhere may be ticketed/towed. *Hawaii residents must purchase camping permits, but can park overnight for free with camping permit and Hawaii driver license or state ID.  

Kalalau Trail camping permit holders can be dropped off / picked up at park entrance. Parking lot opens at 6:30 a.m. Show your Kalalau Trail camping permit and ID.  All campers must be named on permit.  Make your return ride pick-up plans in advance- no cell signal at park.

Need shuttle transportation?  Note: NO overnight parking at Waipā Park & Ride.  Vehicles left overnight at Waipā or in nearby areas towed.  Kauai Bus services Hanalei (link in shuttle section). No discount on shuttle for one way rides, or camping permit holders.  With camping permit and shuttle reservation, you can take any shuttle from Hā‘ena State Park on any date in your permit. Download or print your camping permit and shuttle reservation order PDFs as there is no cell signal at the park or on the trail.

PARK AND TRAIL links at Hawaii State Parks

    Kalalau Trail safety video and  PDF trail map / brochure 

    Hā‘ena State Park:ā‘ena-state-park/  

    Hāʻena & Nāpali Coast Access:ā‘ena-napali-access/

    Kalalau Trail:

 Proceeds from access fees support community projects and jobs.  Find out more at About Us.  Mahalo!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hawaii residents need to make a reservation to visit Hāʻena State Park? NO. Residents who present their Hawaiʻi driver license or state ID do not need to make reservations. Spaces for residents are managed on a “first-come, first-served” basis. We make every effort to accommodate residents, but parking spots may not immediately be available upon your arrival on busy weekends or holidays.

Do I need a reservation to visit Hāʻena Sate Park?  All park visitors who do not have accepted Hawaii ID must reserve in advance to visit the park or hike.  All 3 entry options sold on this website include day hiking to Hanakāpī’ai Beach and/or Waterfall. Hiking past Hanakāpī’ai along the coastal Kalalau Trail requires camping permit even if just day hiking (see camping).

Do non-residents need a reservation to visit with a Hawaii resident?  YES. All park visitors who do not have accepted Hawaii ID MUST reserve in advance even if with a Hawaii resident.  

Can I make reservations upon arrival at the Park?   NO. Reservations must be made online in advance.

I’ve booked the wrong date or time, or some of my party can’t come…what do I do? We allow ADVANCE cancellation as detailed above.  Cancel and make a new reservation to make changes.  We do not offer refunds for missed or unused reservations for any reason.

Do we need to purchase morning AND afternoon parking timeslots to stay all day?  YES…OR you can make shuttle reservations! The last shuttle pick up at the state park is 5:40p daily (winter schedule). 

I reserved a morning parking timeslot for 6:30am – 12:30pm. Do I have to leave by 12:30?   YES. You can enter anytime on/after your start time but must remove your vehicle by timeslot end time to make room for others.

I only reserved a morning parking timeslot. Do I have time to hike to the waterfall?   We recommend you either make shuttle reservations or purchase multiple parking timeslots for a waterfall hike.

I made an Entry Only reservation; where do I park? Entry only reservations are ONLY for those who don’t need to park a vehicle. Parking outside of the state park is a violation of purchase terms.  Please email us to cancel your entry only reservation.

Can I just park along the side of the road?   NO.  Doing so violates our purchase terms.  Parking outside the state park is prohibited, and vehicles are subject to $200+ fine and/or towing.

I have a Kalalau Trail camping permit. Do I need a reservation for Hāʻena State Park? NO. Kalalau Trail camping permits include entry to/through Hāʻena State Park. To park your car, purchase overnight parking.

I have a Kalalau Trail camping permit. Can I park my car overnight?  YES. Purchase overnight parking AFTER you buy your camping permit from State Parks.

How do I purchase a camping permit?   See our camping section above for helpful links and guidance.

Mahalo! We hope you enjoy your visit to Hāʻena State Park! 

We’ve packed our most helpful guidance into this page.  Before emailing, please review this entire page to see if your concern is addressed.  Check top of page for our morning cancellation time when you can check website for NEW availability.  We do not waitlist or accept email reservations. Mahalo!  

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