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Hawaii State Parks:               Kalalau Trail Information and Status


County of Kauai Ocean Safety:   Kē‘ē Beach Surf Conditions

No refunds due to conditions at the park or closure of the beach or trail.  


Plan Your Visit


Tips for a safer and more enjoyable visit.


Parking lot/shuttle drop-off is 0.4 miles walk to Kē’ē Beach & Kalalau Trailhead. All entry reservations include Hā’ena State Park, Kē’ē Beach and hikes to Hanakāpī’ai Beach / Waterfall.  Hiking past Hanakāpī’ai valley along coastal Kalalau Trail requires camping permit.


SAFETY: Bring extra water. Expect slippery / muddy conditions (wet rocks) year-round.  Fellow hikers warn do NOT hike with baby carriers.  Sandals / “flipflops” can lead to injury.  Do not cross stream if water is rushing or murky.  If stream levels rise, SHELTER IN PLACE until safe to cross.  No cell service (no hiker rescue during high stream levels). Enter ocean only at Kē‘ē.  Hanakāpī’ai wave hits bystanders   lifeguard safety tips


TRAIL:   VERY DIFFICULT, especially for elderly/young due to constant steep ascent/descent which start right at trailhead. Hikes are 4 miles RT to beach (allow 4 hrs), 8 miles RT to falls (allow 8 hrs).  Waterfall hike has stream crossings, expect slow going (experienced hikers only).  Allow faster hikers to pass. No speakers/drones. Review Hawaii State Parks links below.  PDF trail map / brochure     Archaeological sites protected by law.  Do NOT pick up rocks, sit on or disassemble rock walls.


OCEAN: Enter ocean only at Kē‘ē: Hanakāpī’ai wave hits bystanders  Expect rough ocean October to April.  Year round, lifeguards close the beach if unsafe, lifeguard safety tips.  Use reef safe sunscreen. Do NOT approach animals or stand / walk on reef.  


PREPARE: Watch safety videos, read trail info. 

Bring: EXTRA WATER, covered shoes, HAT, sun/bug protection, extra clothes (variable weather).  


Be on time: Shuttles don’t wait  


Hawaii State Parks Links    Kalalau Trail safety video  

   Hā‘ena State Park:ā‘ena-state-park/  

   Hāʻena & Nāpali Coast Access:ā‘ena-napali-access/

   Kalalau Trail



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